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Haunted Happenings: A Brother’s Passing Visit

When Tim was dying of cancer (I lived in Virginia at the time) he was stationed in Osoda, Michigan. However, during the duration of his treatments and his final death, he was at Dayton, Ohio, in the Wright Patterson Air Force Base Medical Center. I flew home to Indiana with my then five month-old son Dan and my five year-old daughter. I had gone to the hospital a lot with Mom & Dad and the rest of the family. On Tim’s final full day of life, he went into a coma. The nurses said it was a blessing and that he no longer felt pain.

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Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Mixed Bag from Home

During a visit to my old hometown, my mom, Nancy, took me on a trip down memory lane – literally. We traveled every single road and alley, reminiscing over who lived where when she was young while I added my recollections from my youth.

I've always loved this house. It still looks exactly the same as it did 10, 20, even 30 or more years ago. I know the owner, too. Morristown, Indiana

I’ve always loved this house. It still looks exactly the same as it did 10, 20, even 30 or more years ago. And so does the owner. Love ya, Joe! ;-) Morristown, Indiana.

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Sandy Sue’s Pasta e Fagioli Soup

While visiting family up north, my youngest son and I spent several weekends in July at a wonderful place called Sandy Beach on the Ohio River. It’s a cool trailer park filled with lovely vacation homes. My dad, Dan, and step-mom, Sandy, have one right on the river with a gorgeous view of all the water traffic. Barges coming and going, all manner of boats, wave runners, and paddle-wheelers – exciting to see at night all lit up with calliope music floating past.

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Sadly, Utterly Abandoned: Special Guest Series – Rural America

I sent out a request to friends and family to take snapshots of those abandoned places they see on their way here and there. These gorgeous images were taken by close family friend, Sandy, while traveling the back roads of America with her husband, Ron. Her artistic eye is evident in every shot.

Derelict barn. Photo by Sandy Carmony | Lis'Anne Harris
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New Weekly Feature Coming Soon: Haunted Happenings

Almost everyone has a ghost story. If you don’t, then you’re not visiting the right places at the right times. I’ve had several experiences in my life that made me a believer of good and bad spirits roaming the earth. Continue reading

Absent Due To Calciphylaxis

I’m sorry I dropped the ball this week and last on posting a Sadly, Utterly Abandoned installment, and I may not have one up this next Sunday. If I do, it’ll be a great surprise to you and me, both!

In a effort to help my dad deal with a serious medical condition, I’ve been working on a list of foods (by type and brand name) he can easily purchase to combat a rare disease called Calciphylaxis that has developed as a result of renal failure. Dialysis 3 days a week x 4-5 hours a session is no longer sufficient to remove the calcium from his body, so to help the process he needs to eliminate as much of the element as possible from his diet.

My youngest son and I traveled north to our old home state of Indiana to hang with the family and lend a hand wherever needed. Since I spend the vast majority of my time researching everything under the sun, this job is perfect for me and takes the burden of finding the best foods for my dad off of my step-mom’s shoulders.

Not only does Dad need to stop eating foods with calcium, he must also limit his intake of phosphorus. This means instead of consuming the foods considered to be the best for you, like whole grains, nuts, fresh vegetables, etc., he needs highly processed foods that have been bleached or boiled, thereby leaching the phosphorus from them.

The problem I’ve encountered is that most of the fast, processed foods we love to eat have been fortified with vitamins and minerals – including extra calcium. To make matters even more difficult, Dad has also been on Coumadin/Warfarin, an anticoagulant (blood-thinner) with some serious side-effects if taken in conjunction with the ingestion of green, leafy vegetables and other foods high in Vitamin K. It can cause the Coumadin to be less effective in preventing blood clots, necessitating the need for more of the drug. More of the drug can cause even the tiniest of wounds to bleed for hours on end. So, we need to find a happy balance.

This is and will continue to be a laborious undertaking, but one with the greatest of benefits. There is nothing more important to me than prolonging the life of my father. At the conclusion of my work, I hope to have an in-depth list of foods found at regular supermarkets and as many simple recipes as possible for those who must guard against the threat of Calciphylaxis.

Once I’m home this weekend, I’ll have more time to tackle my overly large to-do list, which includes sharing more of the abandoned images I’ve found, new recipes, and a new website for another of my great loves – scifi movies and tv shows. :-) My gal pal, Charlee Allden, and I have whipped up Must Love Scifi for our take on the old and new of the genre. Come on over and sign up for email notifications of new reviews as they are posted! I’ve not had a chance to share any of my reviews, but Charlee’s got quite a few up.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer – staying cool in the heat wave, but basking in the warmth before heading into what may be another frigid winter!


Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Stairwells

There are many gorgeous, elaborately decorated staircases in abandoned homes and buildings. One, in particular, caught my attention, but it doesn’t have a creative common license and can’t be used here. I can share the link though. Look for it after the last image. :-)

Climbing the Stairs by fibreciment on DeviantArt.

Climbing the Stairs by fibreciment on DeviantArt.

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Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Barns

I’ve always loved old barns. My grandma and grandpa had a huge red barn sitting on a steep hill next to their house. My cousins and I played in it all the time, even as it was beginning to become unsafe and warned not to. Daring kids we were. It was three stories with the top floor completely empty. Our uncles had installed basketball hoops at both ends and it made for an awesome court. Also, hanging from the center ridge beam was a long rope. We could take a running jump onto it and swing back and forth in a high, wide arc. It was exhilarating and fun! It didn’t take much to entertain us way back then.

Image by Ian Sane on Flickr.

Image by Ian Sane on Flickr.

I think of the kids that must have played in these barns – after their chores were done for the day; the mother who trudged out in the wee hours of the morn to milk the cow; the farmer who’s very livelihood revolved around the animals he kept and farming implements stored within that were so vital to his family’s existence. It was a hard row to hoe, but a simpler, straightforward way of life that’s rapidly becoming a long forgotten memory. Continue reading

Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Homes Videos

I had no idea there were youtube videos of abandoned places. I still keeping asking the same questions over and over – why has it been left to crumble and rot? I suppose each forsaken abode has its own sad story. Such a waste. I’ve seen so many that deserve to be brought back to life.

Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Homes Videos - click through to watch | Lis'Anne Harris

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