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Portal to Hell in Cincinnati Ohio?

The headline read: Satan’s Hollow: Tucked Away in the Ohio Woods Exists What Some Insist Is a ‘Portal to Hell.’ Of course this grabbed my attention, but not as a place I’d want to visit! I’d be scared to death to go in. No doubt if I were standing at the entrance and heard a drop of water splash somewhere deep inside, I’d run like a maniac through the woods as if every demon from hell was on my heels. :o

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Creepy & Fascinating Graveyards Just in Time for Halloween!

Ghost, goblins, and ghouls, oh my! Who knows why so many people love being frightened nearly to death, but they do! ‘Tis the season! Here are a few interesting cemeteries and tombstones to help get you in a Saimhain state of mind. 8O

Creepy & Fascinating Graveyards Just in Time for Halloween! | Lis'Anne Harris

Sepulchre in Dusseldorf by ADD

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The Cowboy & Pat’s Bulk Food

On my recent vacation home to visit family in Indiana, my sister and I were tooling down the road on the way to our step-momma place on the Ohio River. Every time we go there together, our drive takes us through a town called Greensburg. We’ve discovered we can’t go through that town without picking up the most awesome pizza ever from a restaurant called Pizza King.

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Where Has It Gone?

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking into the future. Seriously, it’s been a month since my last post here and it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Some things have to take a back seat and I’m sorry to say my blog endeavors are spinning their wheels without a driver. I’m writing, so I don’t feel at all guilty, really.

Until I have time to gather a new series of cool abandoned images, I’ll leave you with these gorgeous pics found elsewhere. Enjoy!

Abandoned Island in the Middle of NYC

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Nobody’s Home

Sadly, utterly abandoned. Some of them aren’t too far gone, if only someone cared enough to invest their time and money.

High Street (LS23), Clifford, West Yorkshire | Lis'Anne Harris

A derelict looking house on High Street (LS23), Clifford, West Yorkshire, opposite the junction with Chapel Lane (LS23). By Mtaylor848.

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Ghost, Shadow, or Prank?

What do you think?

“Some are calling it a “ghost,” while others are dismissing the shadowy figure as a reflection — but no one really knows for sure.

“The video footage, taken during a match at the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia, shows an unidentified figure running quickly through the stands and seemingly going right through a barrier at a steady pace.

“The video has gone viral.”

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News & Updates

Announcing a brand new website on the Internets! Culinary Craftiness, the category I established here in September 2012 is now a full-fledged recipe site. I love cooking and sharing the dishes I’ve whipped up. I hope you’ll find my culinary endeavors appealing and give them a try. Please click on over and check it out! I have many more recipes to post over the next few weeks so don’t be alarmed by the avalanche. I promise, it won’t last long and things will settle into a somewhat hit or miss routine. LOL Also, check out the “Notes & Asides” page for more info. :)

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