Our Cement Pond

I have nothing more interesting than a pool story today.

When we moved to this house this past August, it came with a cement pond. I believe it was installed at the same time the house was built in '69. Nothing so spectacular as the one on the Beverly Hill Billies, but having many years of pool maintenance under my belt I knew it would be a piece of cake to bring this one back to somewhat its former glory.

Oh, how wrong can a pool-girl be?

A very large, ancient Live Oak stood about 20 feet from the pool. This mighty tree fell during a storm. I'm sure you can figure out where. We didn't get to see this, but here's the story we heard.

The tree men came to cut up this humongous tree which took up the entire surface. Now, this is no small pool. In fact, I've not seen one this large in someone's back yard. Keep in mind I've never been to Beverly Hills. When they arrived, low and behold, there was an alligator swimming in the pool. None too keen to stick around to begin their work, they called the homeowner and took off.

Animal control came and took possession of the dangerous reptile. It freaks me out a bit knowing any old alligator could roam right back into the pool, even though the yard is completely fenced. The problem there is, no one thinks to keep the big gate shut.

I digress.

The tree men returned and commenced with the tree chopping. I suppose it would be more accurate to say chain-sawing. By the time they were done, no one could see through the murky water to the bottom of the pool. The homeowner hired a pool person to begin the clean-up. When we arrived on the scene a month later, this person was still trying to clear up the water. What we discovered was the tree men let a large log fall into the pool (10-12' deep end), along with all the saw dust. The bottom drain was horribly clogged.

The only recourse was to buy a sump pump and drain the pool. That was in September. We decided to repaint the interior since the pool is drained, but here we are at the end of January and the poor pool still sits empty. Well, not quite empty--it's become a gathering place for leaves and birds.

When the weather warms enough, you know what I'll be doing. I'm so not looking forward to it.


Update: I’ll never again take on the onerous task of painting a pool. The fumes nearly killed us. However, we did a beautiful job! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Our Cement Pond

  1. I would recommend plastering the inside of your pool/pond so that you dont have to paint it. It is just as expensive as painting with a good epoxy, but in the long run it will save you money. You can color plaster in many shades as well. If you need help with how to apply plaster feel free to email me.



  2. Ryan, thanks for the advice. It really is a pool, not a pond. πŸ˜‰ We already ordered the plaster repair kit to fix the divets created when I pressure washed the inside, and the epoxy paint. That should last about 10 years. Since we don’t plan to be here that long, I’m content with this course of action. It should be a lot easier on me than having to apply a whole coat of plaster to this huge pool.

    I’ll post a before and after pic when it’s all done. Thanks for dropping by and offering your expert advice!



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