The Dreaded Synopsis

I’m stewing in a lack of creative juices. Yeah, the synopsis is tough.  😐

If it weren’t for critique partners critiquing this horrid piece of work, I think I’d go insane. Really, without their input I’d have sent this 4-pager out with submissions to agents then whined my little head off when I received rejection after rejection.

No matter how well I think I’ve described the events of my story, these savvy ladies found many unanswered questions, and unnecessary verbiage. Yikes! I’ve left out some of the most crucial elements and inserted things that are irrelevant to the gist of the story.

This is one of the reasons it’s so important to have several different critiques for a single piece. Each reader has a unique perspective. When all comments come in, it’s so much easier to see the problems and fix them.


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