Journaling Out Loud

I woke up in a bad mood this morning. I went to bed last night with a doomsday attitude. I thought for sure a good, sound sleep would cure me of this feeling. Alas, I was wrong–on both counts. My sleep was neither sound, nor did my outlook improve.

I’m stuck in this limbo world of calling myself a writer, but apparently I write what no agent or editor wants. My natural optimism has deserted me in my hour of need.

I followed my normal routine this morning of brushing my teeth, turned on the PC, set the coffee to brew, opened the blind above my desk to a sunny day, waded through about 50 email messages (deleted them all), then simply stared at the monitor for a good 20 minutes without moving. I felt like giving up.

Finally, I moved my hand to my mouse, opened my browser, and read the typo-laden headlines on the local newspaper (my home page). I moseyed up to the RSS feeds, hoping–nay–praying Nathan Bransford had a new blog post. I usually find him quite entertaining. That was 30 minutes ago and I couldn’t even tell you if he posted something new. I don’t know what possessed me to click on Nathan’s FAQs, but I did. As I scrolled through the list, I found “Should I quit writing?” He didn’t have the answer, but he provided this link to 101 Reasons to Stop Writing.

HA! My humor is improving.


2 thoughts on “Journaling Out Loud

  1. Wow, this was great. Not the feeling like giving up part but the link to the reasons to stop writing. I enjoyed those. God knows, we all have days like this, but you must push on through it. The ups and downs are part of the ride no?
    Great post.


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