Revisiting My First Manuscript

When I wrote my first story (TCH) and was so excited to put it out there for all the world to see. I had no idea what “head-hopping” meant. HA! After I joined FCRW (First Coast Romance Writers), my education began. I’m so embarrassed, in hindsight, to have submitted that ms to several prominent agents and editors.

I had other stories to tell, so I left TCH and moved on. I opened this story yesterday prepared to edit like a…well…a slashing editor with a big, red pen. Imagine my excited delight to find I had already edited and revised TCH!  Why didn’t I remember doing this? I know I was busily writing the prequels to it, but still…

Anyway, I’m just glad to know that as I read TCH for the first time in 2 years that it’s still an exciting and intriguing tale. Some day I hope to see it in print as the 3rd in my, as yet, unnamed series.

So, tomorrow I’ll be back to work on TaT.

Happy writing, all!


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