Top 10 Reasons to Keep Writing When You Feel Like Giving Up

10–All the pins you’ve earned to hang on your Romance Writers of America name badge will become meaningless.

9–Your family and friends will think you’re a quitter.

8–If you stop, your family will expect you to clean the house.

7–You won’t be able to claim all the books you buy as writing expenses on your taxes.

6–Writing resource books you’ve bought will become a gross waste of money.

5–Friendships made at RWA Nationals and chapter meetings will fall by the wayside.

4–The world will miss out on your unique stories.

3–You can’t get a “by line” on a published work if you don’t persevere.

2–If you give up you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

1–It’s the only way to shut up those strangers talking in your head.

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