Resources for Historical Romance Writers

Nothing can take a reader out of a story quicker than an item used before its invention.  I can’t begin to tell you the number of times a match was struck in a time when it didn’t exist.  It’s not the job of an agent or editor to vet the historical accuracy of your story.  Many writers aren’t fond of research, but it’s an absolute must for a credible tale.  I seem to be the odd writer who loves research almost more than writing.

I can’t stress enough how important Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition, is to have near at hand.  The first known written usage of words is given in this must-have dictionary.

The following list is only a small sampling of the sources that can be found on the Internet.  These are a few of my favorites from Medieval to Georgian.

Clothing in 1302

Medieval Scotland

Glossary of some medieval clothing terms

Naming Practices & Patterns for Countries & Cultures

The Burry Man Writers Center

The Celtic Lunar Calendar

Ancient Scotland

Domesday Book

Faire Names for English Folk: Late Sixteenth Century English Names

Old Irish Kingdoms and Clans

Knowledge of London

The Georgian Index

The History of Furniture Time Line

At Table: High Style in the 18th Century

Highwaymen of the Peak

Between a Gentleman and His Tailor

18th Century Clothing

Colonial Occupations

Dickens’ London Map

Jessamyn’s Regency Costume Companion

Knowledge of London

With a bit of diligent research using your favorite Internet search engine, most answers to your historical accuracy questions can be answered.  Just make sure your source is reliable.  😉

Happy researching!


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