Loglines & Goals

Good grief, my mind’s been all over the place today. Rather than burn myself out on TCH, I decided to work on the logline for SS. The blurb is great, but condensing that down to one sentence is killing me. Oh, it can be done, but what I’ve got so far shows no pizzazz.

An awesome writer I know has hers down to six words. SIX! And let me tell you, those six words are enough to make me want to read the story. How on earth did she do it? Heck if I know.

So, rather than waste more brain cells than I can afford to lose, I stopped trying to find just the right words to explain SS in ten or less. Don’t ask me what I did with the rest of my day. It wasn’t very constructive.

Tomorrow is another day. No more lollygagging.

BTW, awhile back I said I’d let you know if I met my goals for that week. I did, but last week I met no goals due to an unplanned trip back home to Indiana.

I know this is Wednesday, yet I hope to achieve several goals by the end of the day Saturday (unless we go to the beach, in which case it’ll be Sunday).

Goals are great; whether or not you attain every one of them is irrelevant. The working toward them is what’s important.


2 thoughts on “Loglines & Goals

  1. Goals are the vehicle behind consistency. I find that giving myself a few reachable goals stretches by legs for a higher standard, standards that I set for myself of course.

    Lately, I cannot seem to find the amount of time it takes to make headway with the three projects I have going on. Life seems to be throwing more stuff my way that I have to react to, instead of being proactive. I’m sure this is only a temporary setback.

    pS. I caught you on Nathan B blog. I enjoyed visiting yours.


  2. Thanks for following me here, Robert. I hope you become a regular visitor–you never know what I might post.

    I hear ya on the difficulty working toward set goals when outside forces conspire against you. Oft times I’m my own worst enemy. Sometimes I just can’t concentrate on the work at hand–or it becomes overwhelming and I move on to something more entertaining. Every little thing you do that pertains to your writing career–even if it’s viewing and posting on blogs–counts toward fulfilling your goals. Sometimes they just aren’t the ones you set for yourself.

    Since we have to market ourselves and bringing your name to my attention qualifies then you’ve taken one more step on the path toward building a reader base. That’s as important as completing the work you hope to one day have people like me read! I’m trying to make sure I do some of both (working on mss and marketing) every day. It helps to relieve the tedium and both goals are necessary in this business.

    So, I’m back to singing at the top of my lungs to Christina Aguilera while cutting and pasting head-hopping POVs. Turn on some of your favorite music and see if it helps you block out the outside interference. It usually works for me!



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