Great Query Flood of ’09

Dagnabbit all. I keep oscillating on this entering contests thing. As a small speck in the Great Query Flood of 2009, I fear my search for an agent may drown me. Writers, such as I, have very few recourses for presenting our work to acquiring editors. The only avenue open to us are agents, contests, and editors willing to take a gander at unsolicited submissions. I dearly want an agent who wants me. I’m afraid no one will find my stories worthy of consideration no matter how passionately I love the characters and worlds I’ve created.

Alas, I know I will some day find my perfect partner in publishing paradise; it’s just a long, lonely road fraught with chuckholes and stoplights.

Until I meet my future agent, I’ll continue to dream my dreams and click away on my keyboard.


3 thoughts on “Great Query Flood of ’09

  1. I know you’re right, Gypsy. I’ve was never a patient female, but always optimistic. I’ve been seriously persuing publication for the past 4 years. Surely, I’m getting close! I’m finally getting requests for fulls. How are you doing? I hope your writing and agent hunting is sizzling!


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