Maybe It’s the Full Moon…

This past week has been an emotional roller coaster–in the kiddy section of the amusement park. No big highs or lows, but just enough to make me feel I’m on a ride of some sort. Isn’t it bizarre how so many strangers can experience the same emotions in this crazy, whacked-out querying world?

The Southern Lights mini-conference is tomorrow and a group of my writing buddies are going to make a weekend of it. We plan to talk shop and get down to the nitty-gritty of each of our stumbling blocks. Who knows how much we’ll actually get accomplished because we’ve been waiting for a year to get together again. I have a feeling it’ll be a crazy good time–and I’m sure we’ll discuss writing business–but I think it’ll be more about unwinding from the stress we’re all feeling right now.

It seems there is a mad dash by the world at large to get an agent and sometimes rejections feel like you’re being kicked to the curb. That’s how I felt after getting a rejection on a full last Tuesday. A friend had to remind me I’ve still got another full and a partial being considered. We writers are an emotional lot and must be propped up on an almost continual basis. We can’t help it. Our writing is so much an integral part of who we are and when it’s dismissed by agents, it’s very hard not to take it personally. We all know how subjective writing is, but keeping that uppermost in your mind is easier said than done.

Having a writing group for emotional support has been a lifesaver for me. Cheering each other onward and upward, commiserating when disappointments arise, and being there for each other when outside forces throw us hardballs when we thought we were playing T-ball is the best medicine in the world. Without this group of women, I’d be curled up in a ball on the couch watching reruns of Welcome Back, Kotter.


2 thoughts on “Maybe It’s the Full Moon…

  1. Thank you, Gypsy! It’s amazing how one little prop can change my outlook. Now I’m ready to get back to work on my newest wip. Discussed which story was the most important to get busy on and the girls at the conference all say the one that isn’t finished. So back to TaT I go!

    Have a stellar day!


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