Getting It Right the First Time

The day got away from me. I don’t sleep well at night, but I seem to be more tired than usual. I think it must be all the pine tree pollen swirling in the air.

On a positive note, I had a breakthrough on a scene over which I’d been stewing. It’s not even a scene I’m working on at the moment, but I can see it down the road. I’d been wondering how my hero’s “ah-hah” moment would play out when he finally realizes exactly who/what the heroine is. It’s firmly fixed in my mind. A lot of writers would go ahead and write that scene then connect it later, but I can’t work that way. I really can’t stand revising–I like to get it right the first time. If it takes me a bit longer, then all the better in the long run. If I write that scene now and it doesn’t mesh up then I’ll have to change either it, or many before it.

I have a friend who’s grown tired of revising and is putting it aside because she’s sick of working on it. I definitely don’t want to fall into that trap. So it’s best to use every ounce of thoughtfulness I possess to ensure I’ve written a compelling story that makes sense, is plausible, and error-free the first go ’round.

This is where Mary Buckham and Dianna Love’s story templates come in very handy. The questions put forth in their workshop allowed my mind to open and see where my characters need to go. I’m still pouring over their packet of information. It was a timely workshop given by excellent teachers.

You don’t have to be a plotter to answer the questions you need to ask of your characters, but having some basic answers fixed in your mind will keep you from stumbling half-way into the story. There’s nothing worse than getting to the middle and all of a sudden you don’t know where to go.


2 thoughts on “Getting It Right the First Time

  1. I’m glad you came over to visit ..and you should hop over to that site and get yourself a crown 🙂 It’s a fun place to be when you’re procrastinating… or is that something I’M the only one guilty of?? 🙂


  2. hey Lis’Anne,

    Glad you had your breakthrough. I always write things down immediately while the thoughts and images are vivid. My drafts are always out of order because my novels never come to me in linear fashion.

    But of course, everyone is different. Like you said, everyone works differently. There is no one way…

    Hope you have a great writing weekend!


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