Very Worthy Blog Post

I recently visited Uppington’s blog and read a post that truly inspired me.

Today’s Ramblings:

There’s so much going on around here it’s hard to remain focused on my goals. This is Spring Break week for my youngest son, my middle son moved home from Ormond Beach after graduating from Wyotech (finding a job in the marine mechanics field isn’t going to be easy in this economy), and my oldest son has laptop issues that require my expertise in hardware and software repairs. My husband is working, but with construction jobs few and far between business is slow. My attention is constantly demanded by all these males in my life.

Yet, I’m plugging away at amping up SS with the help of an extremely talented writer who spots areas that could use sentence restructuring, power words to create dramatic tension, etc. I’ve discovered the beginning of this story–written at a time in my life when my worst anxiety reared its ugly head–doesn’t have the same level of “compellingness” as the rest of the story.

Also, I’m plotting TDLI, on occasion opening TaT, contemplating the impact of each direction I can take my h/h, and thinking about TCH–but not actually opening it up to work on the edits.

Add to all of the above, the pool is coming along, but nature keeps conspiring to slow the work on it. All of the patches are done, the cleaning solution and epoxy paint arrived, but the bottom drain is clogged with sawdust and debris. We can’t find a Drain King in any of our local stores so I’m brainstorming on ways to unclog the thing before we paint. Since I’m considered a plumbing expert by my husband, the solution to the dilemma is left to me. I have an idea, but here I sit.

Yikes! It’s noon…I must go put a roast in the oven. Talk to y’all later!


2 thoughts on “Very Worthy Blog Post

  1. Hi Lis’Anne – thank you so much for the mention! LOL about all the men in your life – I also have two teenage boys and a man living in my house, and he has two sons who visit from time to time. They all provide a great deal of distraction to the writing! Good luck getting everything done!


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