In the Groove

My work is snapping and sizzling. Lots of deep emotions and a complex plot are brewing for TDLI.

There once was a prologue, but now it’s axed. I loved that prologue. I could see it all so clearly in my mind. It was short–only 4 pages, but Valerie and the Inkplotters (sounds like a groovy band 😉 ) said it had to go. My head agrees, but my heart still yearns for it.

The blurb for TPH is coming along smashingly. The logline is close. Those things are tricky. How to infuse the essence of a 117,000 word story into one sentence. I want to say IMPOSSIBLE, yet it is.

TCH is on the backburner for the nonce. When I’m ready to settle in to the deep edits, Margie Lawson’s and Mary Buckham’s lessons will be near at hand. While I’m sure many rhetorical devices and backloading make appearances in this ms, it never hurts to amp it up–but not go overboard!

Next Saturday is the First Coast Romance Writers meeting with guest speaker Roxanne St. Claire. I can’t wait and I know the whole chapter is stoked! Plus I’ll get in some quality writing talk with fellow author, Abigail Sharpe, on the round-trip ride.  🙂

Sunday we’re off to Panama City Beach for my brother’s wedding on Monday.

Tuesday, visiting family down from Indiana then hieing back to our neck of the wood for my youngest son’s middle grade band concert.

The following weekend is a writing retreat that’s sure to produce some stellar goals, motivations, and conflicts for TDLI!  I can’t wait!

I hope everyone is over their writing block and pouring their heart onto the pages of their wip.

Until next time… 🙂


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