Writing Retreat

Friday evening dinner was amazing. Lobster, saffron rice, salad, and passion fruit sherbet…yum! We talked for hours about everything under the romance publishing sun. The margaritas were awesome!

Saturday we spent an intensive hour or longer on each person in attendance. We brainstormed on each until every writer was saturated with sizzling ideas for amping up their wip. Everyone was so stoked no one wanted to leave to go out to eat. The Sangria punch was ambrosia.  🙂

Sunday morning our hostess outdid herself with an incredible breakfast.  Our discussions on writing continued. We toasted the success of our retreat with delicious mimosas. Although we were all sad to say goodbye, I’m sure (like me) everyone was anxious to get home and get busy incorporating into our mss all we gleaned.

I believe a great time was had by all.  🙂


GOALS for week ending 5/23/09:

Hone opening hook in TCH

Continue edits/revisions in TCH

Research marketing

Work on website


A writing buddy posted this quote to one of our loops. I love it, try to live it, and feel it’s worthy of sharing here.

“Keep your face to the sunshine, and you cannot see the shadow.”  ~Helen Keller

Happy writing all!


2 thoughts on “Writing Retreat

  1. Gyspy, I would if I could. 🙂 It was fabulous.

    If you have a group of critique buddies I suggest you plan to get together at a member’s house for a weekend writing retreat. We covered a plethora of lessons that applied to every one of us.

    One of the most important topics we discussed was our own GMC for writing–not our characters’. Our biggest issues fell in the conflict area. So many times outside factors stand in our way of reaching our goals and our motivation gets sapped.

    I discovered my biggest problem is the location of my workspace. I love being able to look out my window, but that leaves my monitor fully exposed to any who walk in behind me. The constant fear that someone is silently looking over my shoulder puts a huge damper on my writing. Obviously, rearranging the office is the answer. I started to do this a month ago, but got side-tracked and never finished. I guess it’s time.

    I hope your writing is coming along swimmingly and you’re meeting all your goals!



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