2010 Resolutions? No. Goals? Yes.

I’ve thought long and hard about my vision for 2010.  The most important first step toward a positive outlook is to stop bitching about the things I have no control over.  In that vein, I’m following Bob Mayer and have set his blog as my home page. Update 4/16/13: I still adore Bob Mayer, but he’s no longer my home page. 😉
In order to move forward with success I must look back to see how I’ve progressed thus far.  I accomplished more than I thought and less than I wanted in 2009.  I started this blog, became active in the FB world, learned how important every single word is in an opening hook, realized writing a synopsis is a snap, came to the conclusion starting a new story by writing the tagline, blurb, and synopsis makes the going so much easier (thank you, Rita), and discovered there are rules to writing and I do have to follow them.  I didn’t complete TaT.  I didn’t find an agent.  I didn’t sign a contract.
I woke up this morning full of positive affirmations for the new year.  I resolve to meet my goals.   Borrowing on some very good ones from my writing buddies to add to my own, below is my to-do list for 2010.
1)  Organize my time, space, and thoughts.
2)  Face my fears and conquer them.  I know it’ll be the hardest goal to meet, but it’s the most important.
3)  Write every single day, and learn everything I can about the publishing world.
4)  Take advantage of any opportunities that come my way to further my career–and help others on their journey to publishing with a big house.  This includes attending ALL Inkplots critique meetings, whether I have work ready to place on the chopping block or not.  My partners need my unique input.
5)  Exit group loops that are side-tracking me.  Replace them with daily readings of amazing A/E blogs.6)  Watch more movies and read more books.  Dissect them to figure out what made them marketable.
7)  Return to my love of watching history documentaries.
8)  Complete TDLI and TaT.
9)  Learn to ignore my husband and sons’ wackiness.  I don’t have to look every time they’re doing something ridiculously goofy.
10)  Never give up on reaching my goals.
Happy New Year, everyone!  May the next 12 months be the best of your life!
P.S.  Ignore the wonky formatting.  No matter what I try, it won’t change for me today.

2 thoughts on “2010 Resolutions? No. Goals? Yes.

  1. Good for you, Lis’Anne! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. You’re very talented and your hard work will get you somewhere. 🙂


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