How do you get motivated?

For me, it’s digging into research. It’s been a long time since I wrote a pirate story and I’ve lost some of my familiarity with tallships.  Pirate Ship I’ve recently discovered I can’t write my story and leave blanks to fill in later–there’d be way too many blanks.  I also need to find some pirate romances to read to get me in the right frame of mind.  It’s difficult to switch from a Regency to the early 18th century, too.  Clothing, figures of speech, political atmosphere, etc. bring the story to life–I need to research those things, as well.  The next scene in my wip is almost ready.  Today’s research will see me through this week’s writing.

And if I haven’t said this before–I love researching almost as much as writing.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Ahhh…Research!

  1. Didn’t Georgette Heyer write some that featured pirates, or at least ships? I seem to recall reading one hers that included a shipboard scene. I’ve recently read a couple of horror stories that took place aboard old sailing ships (“The Ghost Pirates” by William Hope Hodgson, and a short story that I can’t recall the title of just now). The sailing jargon lost me, Hodgson clearly knew his way around sailing ships intimately. I sort of skippped over a lot of that, once I got the gist of where in the ship he was talking about. What’s a good source of info on old sailing vessels?


    • Hey Dame, sorry I’m just now replying. I don’t know about Georgette Heyer, but I’m going to Google her. I love pirates and all things piratey. Thanks for giving me an author to check out. 🙂

      I hope you’re having a wonderful day and writing your heart out.


  2. I think you’ll really like her, she had a reputation for meticulous attention to details in her writing. Her descriptions of clothing and manners and customs were where I learned most of what I know about Regency England.


  3. I’m also going to find “The Ghost Pirates.” It sounds like a really cool read.

    I use “Ships’ Miscellany, A Guide to the Royal Navy of Jack Aubrey,” by Michael O’Mara Books Limited. I’m now quite familiar with all parts of a frigate. 😉 “War at Sea in the Age of Sail,” by Andrew Lambert is another great source.

    The best source I’ve found for all things factually pirate is “Under the Black Flag, The Romance and the Reality of Life Among the Pirates,” by David Cordingly. I love that book and much of the true facts that will find their way into my current wip are from it.


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