Excitement’s in the Air

UPDATE: Due to severe flooding in TN, the conference was moved to the Swan & Dolphin, Disney World, Orlando, Florida. A smashing good time was had by all. 😀

Everyone is talking about the 2010 RWA National Conference to be held in Nashville, Tennessee, this year.  The venue is the famous Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Convention Center with its nine acre atrium of gardens, cascading waterfalls and a river with its own Delta flatboat.  I must confess, I’m quite giddy with excitement.

I’m not pitching to any agents or editors this time around.  I did that once and never will again.  No one could’ve been more riddled with panic than I when trying to speak to an editor in a formal appointment.  If I happen to meet an agent or editor in the bar and have an informal conversation, well that’s a completely different matter.  What I can’t wait for is the fabulous workshops, keynote speeches, once again talking with my favorite authors, and the overall feeling of belonging in the world of romance writers.

Sitting at home at the keyboard is a very lonely business.  Opportunities to meet others of like mind in person are rare.  Even membership in a local writing group is limited to once or twice a month and the time spent together talking all things writerly zooms by too fast.  The national conference is the place to see and be seen, to make new friends, and to learn and grow as a writer.

Some of the best workshop presenters in the world are on the roster for 2010.  It takes some hard decisions and careful planning to get the most out of the topics offered–there’s a plethora from which to choose.  The preliminary list is up on the RWA site.  I’m already making my plans.  🙂

Two of my First Coast Romance Writers chapter mates are Golden Heart® finalists.  I’ll be right there at the gala event cheering for them when they win their categories.  I can only imagine how they’re feeling right now and wish I’d entered two of my manuscripts into this prestigious contest.

The glitz and glam of the awards ceremony affords we writers who work in our pajamas the opportunity to dress to the nines for at least one evening out the year.  Many have already begun their dress shopping; I believe I’ll start, too.

Well, I’m off to actually do some writing today before my house is invaded with noisy boys and blaring radios.

Have a great day and stellar night, y’all!


2 thoughts on “Excitement’s in the Air

  1. Still feeling giddy squishies. Though while cleaning I found my RWA-mailed Official Golden Heart list of things that needed to be done by April 9 and didn’t giggle this time.

    I’ve been giggling a lot. 🙂

    I’m excited about the conference regardless of Golden Heart status. I’m trying not to think too much about it until the end of June so I don’t obsess.


  2. I don’t blame you one bit for still feeling giddy squishies! 🙂 I would, too.

    I’ve calmed down a bit since I wrote this post. Now I have to really get down to the business of making money to pay for the conference. 😐


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