Head Hopping

Otherwise known as an over-abundance of POV (point of view) changes.

I’m in the midst of reading a Regency (not Regency-set); however, had I known it was a straight-up Regency I wouldn’t have bought it.  That’s what I get for not paying attention to the spine of the book.  Now, just because it’s an old-school Regency doesn’t automatically mean the writing is horrid or the story isn’t compelling, but for me they’re far too sedate.

The thing I find most puzzling about my behavior concerning this book is that I’m still reading it. There is so much head-hopping it’s making me dizzy.

It’s best to let the readers know in that very first setence in whose POV we are.  If it’s absolutely necessary to have another character’s POV–if it’s vitally important for the sake of the GMC (goal, motivation, confict)–please wait until a scene break or only switch ONE time.  Don’t switch then go back to the first POV then back to the secondary character, etc.–especially head hopping from one paragraph to the next.  I’m serious.  Every single character within a scene in this book gets his/her own POV.  I’m not kidding.  The reader even gets an omniscient view from time to time.  I’m waiting to hear what the horse thinks.

I must tell you what I find most maddening…  On second thought, I think you already know.  Unfortunately for me the plot is excellent, so I’m stuck in a story that’s driving me batty.

I appreciate well-executed and timely POV switches in romance novels.  In fact, unless the story is written in 1st person, it’s come to be expected.  Switching POV’s every other paragraph is sure to kill your reader’s will to live–let alone to continue reading the story.

The End.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Head Hopping

  1. OMGosh, Abigail, the further I read in this story the more an omniscient view crops up. So much so that I’m really on the verge of seeing how far I can throw this book. :-\ Why, oh why am I still reading it? Are you finally rubbing off on me? Good golly, I hope not!!!


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