Surf Report, May 23, 2010

Author Magazine Interview with Julia Quinn (video)

Bill Kenower interviews Julia Quinn.  She tells how she met her husband, the real reason behind racy romance covers, and advice for aspiring writers. TEN THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOU is out next week, 5/25.


Stumbled upon at the Knight Agency blog…

Take Home Tuesday Hosted by David Coe, On his novelization of the new movie ROBIN HOOD:  “I had never written a novelization or even a media tie-in before this, and it was an interesting experience.”

I’d never heard of “novelization.”  Very interesting.


Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

“I really feel for authors. Partly because it’s my job, but also because I work with them closely and know how hard the business can be. I wrote a bit about rejection the other day, that being rejection from editors, agents and other “gatekeepers.” But then there’s rejection from the buying public. Sometimes books just don’t sell—the book doesn’t find its intended audience. Worse, sometime people buy the book and then explain to the world, via blog, or tweet or Amazon review, why they hate it. Those reviews sting. But I think there’s something that has to be even tougher: when readers reject your work, without having read it, because of a decision made by the publisher—in fact, they may boycott the book to make a point. But as John Scalzi smartly points out on his blog, the one getting punished isn’t the publisher, but the author.”


How to Write a One-Sentence Pitch

Nathan Bransford is absolutely the hottest!  This is a must-read for everyone preparing for agent/editor pitches at Nationals. (Not to be confused with his awesome pitch lessons from last week.)


Noah Lukeman, President of Lukeman Literary Management answers authors’ questions about writing and getting published.

“My agent is unwilling to sell world rights to my book.  What should I do?”


Nationals (RWA Annual Conference 2010)

“We are fortunate to have an amazing RWA staff that pulled off a minor miracle making a speedy venue change. So let’s talk. What do you want from your experience?” asks Rita Henuber of the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood blog.


Don’t Reject Yourself

Posted by Shonna Slayton on Routines for Writers:


Maybe you are putting off finishing your work so you don’t have to submit it. Never finish, never submit, never get rejected. Ouch.

Don’t reject yourself.

You might be writing someone’s favorite book. Really. Someone once wrote your favorite book. She struggled over it. Fought for each word. Wondered if it was any good. And it was. That book is now on your bookshelf, dog-eared, pages falling out, or maybe even in multiple copies because you can’t walk past a copy at a used book sale.


Attacking the Page

A Blog about Martial Arts & Writing Action

This week’s safety tip plus A Recipe for Writing Action by NYT & USA Today bestselling author Caridad Pineiro.


Spark People

This is a great web place to set as your home page.  Many of us are on a mission to lose weight, get in shape, or just get healthy.  This is the perfect site to set your goals and hold yourself accountable.


A Little Funny...

(Takes you to a youtube video)


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3 thoughts on “Surf Report, May 23, 2010

  1. I started my book, “The Mandolin Case,” a decade ago and it is due out in June. I never tried to please everyone; I just wanted to try to find the cool people. So far it’s working.

    Dr. B


  2. Dear Dr. B,

    Are you saying I’m one of the cool ones? 😀 I’m still trying to find a cool agent for my work. Hopefully one of the cool ones will recognize my supremely awesome coolness and say, “Sign here!” LOL

    What’s THE MANDOLIN CASE about?



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