Writing Doldrums

Have you ever flipped and flopped from one day to the next like a (cliché alert) fish out of water?

I lost one paddle and I’m not sufficiently motivated to dip the other and make progress.  I’m stuck around page 85 on my current wip and can’t think of the words I want to get my h/h to the next scene.  I have no idea what’s wrong with me.  I open it every day, struggle to meet a 100/100 challenge I joined, then end up working on networking/marketing for the day I sell one of my other stories that is out on submission.

I wonder if I’m marking time in this wip because I don’t want to pour my heart and soul into another story that’ll struggle to find an agent/editor?  Rejections after requests send me from one emotional extreme to the other on a continual basis.  Perhaps my subconscious has intentionally stranded me in the doldrums.

I pray a strong trade wind blows my way soon else I may end up drowning my sorrows in cheap rum. 😉

4 thoughts on “Writing Doldrums

    • Thank you, Charlie; however, I’d never wish you to go through this. On the bright side, I’m writing every single day–just not always romance. I’d feel much better if TaT were progressing at a good clip, but at least it’s inching along. I found a paddle in my boat. 😉


  1. I’m right there with you. The WIP I chose to work on for the 100/100 challenge is one that’s driving me insane. I refuse to count the other one I’m revising because I’m actually enjoying it. I figure if I can force myself to move forward just 100 words at a time, but the end of the challenge, I’ll have finally moved past the point where the story is making me crazy.

    It’s not hard to get past those doldrums. But I keep telling myself it will be worth it to see the story through. Besides, the hardest part is getting something down. After that, it’s revision time. Always less daunting. 🙂

    Keep the faith and keep writing. You’re a wonderful writer! Your time will come.


    • You’re a doll for saying so, Jess! You know…after our muses took off together and had that brief affair, I thought mine would come back not long after yours did. I just found out mine’s been in prison all this time. :-\ His lawyer has filed an appeal so hopefully my hunky muse will be back soon. 🙂


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