Blurbs, Blurbs, and More Blurbs

Yeah, I’m writing.  Unfortunately, not what I really want to be writing.  It’s money, though.  Writing SEO content for websites isn’t easy to do and still make your words sound unstilted and compelling. Do you have any idea how many key words and keyword phrases have to be crammed into a single article? A gajillion. Or so it seems at times.

I’m all blah over it.

If anyone out there has a cool abstract writing position for me, I’m right here waiting to blow your mind away with my keen ability to condense an international headline news article into 2-3 sentences. 😉

What I really and truly want is a cushy home for my historical romance novels.  Okay, so I’m a dreamer.  I’ll just have to keep on dreaming.  🙂

Happy writing…whatever it is you’re writing!


4 thoughts on “Blurbs, Blurbs, and More Blurbs

  1. “No g-news is good g-news says Gary Gnu.” You never know about that job. If they haven’t said “no” yet, there might still be a “yes” in your future. 🙂


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