Sorry I slacked off posting over the past several months.  The Southern Lights Writers Conference is gearing up and I’m on the committee this year.  So much to do, so little time!

Recently I had suffered from extreme writer’s block. I couldn’t even muster up the energy to read my faves unless it was emailed to me. When I heard the great Nathan Bransford quit agenting to take a job with CNET, severe depression set in. 😦  Not that I ever intended to query him since I don’t write what he used to represent, but he was a damn good agent. His career change added to the perception of the publishing world crumbling in this horrid economy. I’m so very glad he’s still blogging about books, and even more thrilled to see debut romance authors appearing left and right!

I had a major writing breakthrough a few days ago that re-energized me–and one of my critique partners talked me into starting a new blog venture with her–Chicklets in the Kitchen–about what’s happening in each of ours. The neatest part of this one is taking pictures of our culinary masterpieces and sharing recipes along with our writing lives.  We have some guest bloggers lined up to share the goings-on in their kitchens, as well.

So, I’m back, but with no guarantees on how often I’ll post here. Happy reading & writing!


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