When an author creates a protagonist who’s TSTL (too stupid to live) it’s beyond irritating.  The only characters keeping me in the story now are…  Well, I’m not sure who’s keeping me in the story.  Maybe a cop named Costanza.  His reaction to the snakes in the closet had me laughing so hard I was crying.

I’m on book 8 of 17 and it’s become quite apparent the heroine doesn’t have any growth arc.  I was warned of this last Thursday, but I suppose I was hopeful.  I’ve now lost all hope and I was so looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the this series.

Will I be able to suspend my disbelief  through 9 more of them?  I don’t know.  I just don’t know.

5 thoughts on “TSTL

  1. I think part of my love of the books are because I only had the first ten (!) when I started, and the rest I’ve read as they came out. So you forget that it’s the same story. KWIM? Only one of them truly annoyed me because Author kept explaining WHY certain things were happening. Fine if it was the first book you’ve read, but disgruntling for those of us who started at the beginning.

    So don’t read them all now, but keep one on hand for when you have nothing else to do. 🙂


  2. The problem I have with putting down #8 is the supporting characters are a scream! I love how the cops all think she’s a wimp until they’re confronted with the same scary crap! If the author holds out on the Ranger thing much longer I’m going to have to write the dang hook-up myself. 😉 But if S.P. does follow through and she and Morelli aren’t totally quits I’ll be disgusted.

    I think what irritates me the most is S.P. is spineless. The series would be far more compelling at this point if we see she’s developing some street smarts and a backbone. KWIM? I’m still glad you introduced me to the stories; I’ve never laughed so hard while reading any book!


  3. Lis’anne, I had a similar problem with yours. SP isn’t a character that grows. Hell, she doesn’t even age! You’d think she’d at least notice a gray hair or wrinkle sometime in all the years she’s been at this. Another character I find irritating is the uncle or cousin she works for. How can he maintain his business all these years with those business practices? And how has Stephanie and the other employees stand to work for him all these years? lol!

    Well I made it through 12, sporadically as Abigail recommended. I’ve picked up some of the later ones on used bookstore shelves, but haven’t been bored enough to read them yet. My TBR pile is plenty high, thank you!


  4. I’ve made it through 15, plus the “in between the stories” stories. I noticed she has grown a little, but not much. I’m pressing onward, though, because I’ve never laughed so hard while reading! That Grandma Mazur is a scream!!! And I LOVE Bob-the-dog. 😀


  5. Morelli and Ranger have changed over the series but not for the better in my eyes. They’ve both become wearily domesticated, Morelli more so. It doesn’t help that Stephanie pretty much ignores him even when they live together. He bears more and more resemblance to Stephanie’s father. Ranger used to make my knees weak when he was a bad rebel. Now he’s pretty much a Suit, but still more interesting than Morelli.


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