Sweet Salvation

Tears she’d held back fell freely as she dropped to her knees in the surf, scooping sand and saltwater to scrub the blood from her hands.

“SWEET SALVATION is a fabulous Georgian historical romance that will leave readers begging for more!” ~ Virginia Henley, New York Times Bestselling Author

LADY DESIREE FRAZIER finds herself the object of a scandalous auction.ย  Belittled for her stuttering speech, no man wants her to wife. Anger and disgust stiffen Desiree’s resolve to gain control of her life.
LORD ALEXANDER EVERDON, is in London to rescue his wayward brother. What he doesn’t expect to stumble upon is the noble Lady Desiree surrounded by lascivious lechers.
BOUND TOGETHER in a wild bid to free Alexโ€™s brother from a date with the gallows.ย  Desiree must save Alex’s life and expose a murder plot before she can revel in his Sweet Salvation.
Reader praise for Sweet Salvation:
“This romance swept me off my feet. Great hero and heroine and charming supporting characters. I loved watching this heroine find her strength.” ~ Smart Girl’s SciFi
“I loved this book, it is a must read. The characters are charming, riveting, full of desire to know more about them. I just couldn’t put the book down. The authors ability to take you back in time is incredible.” ~ San
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13 thoughts on “Sweet Salvation

  1. I am so excited, just ordered my copy of Sweet Salvation! Now, just gotta head to my chair, sit back with my Kindle
    and begin the adventure!!!!!!! So proud of you! ๐Ÿ™‚



  2. I finished Sweet Salvation the other day, just now posting how much I soooo enjoyed this book! What a romantic adventure, each page drew me to the next……I am an avid reader, and when I have a good book sitting on my desk to read, it’s like a having a toy I can’t wait to get to play with! This was one of those.
    Thanks for writing this book Melissa, your writing talent is very enjoyable!

    Can’t wait for the next ones…………..
    love ya


  3. How exciting to go to Amazon and see our daughter’s name as the author of SWEET SALVATION . We know you have worked so hard and you never gave up. We are so very
    proud of you Lissa.
    Love you always,
    Dad and Sandy


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