Garrow’s Law

UPDATE: I just found out there will be no Season 4. 😦 I’m off to go find a corner in which to cry. 😦 😦 😦

L-R: Mr. Silvester (Aidan McArdle); Mr. Southouse (Alun Armstrong); William Garrow (Andrew Buchan); Lady Sarah Hill (Lyndsey Marshal); Sir Arthur Hill (Rupert Graves)

If only I’d known of this brilliant BBC 18th century drama series while writing Sweet Salvation, I could’ve made Alex’s trial at the Old Bailey much more realistic. I think I did well enough using the research I found at the Old Bailey website, but being the visual person I am, I would’ve placed my characters in the spaces they would’ve actually filled.

Judge Buller (Michael Culkin)

Of course, all of my story and characters are purely fictional and I took great license with the proceedings and judgement handed down by my Judge Thompson. I enjoyed imagining the scene and I hope my readers loved the visual I tried to create. 🙂

Lady Sarah & Mr. Garrow

As for Garrow’s Law, I can’t say enough good things about this series. For those who have a passion for 18th century British history, especially in regard to the legal system, this drama is a must see. The visual details are stunning, the language understandable, and the characters feel true to their time.  I can’t wait for Season 4 to begin, but I’m saddened  there will only be four episodes.

Mr. Silvester & Mr. Garrow

Center: The ever self-serving Lord Melville (Stephen Boxer)

The deceased Mr. Southouse’s nephew, George Pinnock (Harry Melling)

Sir Arthur Hill


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