Mini Surf Report ~ Richard III, J.A. Konrath, & the Vikings

‘Strong evidence’ Richard III’s body has been found – with a curved spine

Archaeologists searching under a city centre car park for the lost grave of King Richard III have discovered human remains. Here are the latest developments as scientists unveil their “stunning” findings.

Myths of the much maligned Richard III

Richard III has gone down in history as a murderous tyrant, but many modern historians claim his reputation is unjust and was fabricated by Tudor propagandists before being cemented by Shakespeare.


Get Over Yourselves

from J.A. Konrath regarding Ellory, Locke, and Leather

You either believe in freedom of speech, and allow people to say things within a system where freedom is allowed, or you try to police the system, which is impossible and also very wrong.

Get it? It isn’t wrong to speak your mind. It’s wrong to not allow people to speak their mind.

That’s the problem with democracy. People do things we don’t like them doing. But it beats the alternative, doesn’t it?

Live and let live. If you don’t like something someone says or does, you don’t have to look at them, listen to them, follow them, etc. That’s what freedom’s all about. \o/


What did the Vikings ever do for us?

Vikings, a three-part series on BBC Two, starts on Tuesday at 9pm

For two centuries the Norsemen terrorised Europe before disappearing from history. Yet, as a new BBC series argues, we have much to thank them for.

Replica of the Gokstad Viking ship, at the Chicago World Fair 1893

Did the Britons do any less terrorizing of the Scots and Irish, or even the Welsh and Cornish before they were conquered and assimilated? How did the Ottoman Empire become an empire? Or the Holy Roman Empire? What the Vikings did was no different than what the English colonists in the New World did to the Native Americans. It’s history and no matter how abhorrent I find the actions of our ancestors, I’m keen to learn all that went on before.


Annus mirabilis: 1593

By Ros Barber, 12:00PM BST 10 Sep 2012

1593 was a dangerous year to be a writer. Especially a free-thinker interested in theology and politics, like the poet and playwright Christopher Marlowe.

Annus mirabilis: 1593


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