Revolution Review


Revolution is a new scifi series on NBC. The pilot episode aired last Monday at 10/9c. If you’ve not heard of it, or didn’t see it you can check out the trailer here or watch the pilot here.

In short, all the power in the world has gone out – even batteries. Fifteen years later, there are small “hamlets” where people have banded together to survive. Apparently there are many militias operating around the world, the big one in the former U.S. is the biggest and baddest. The leader of this militia wants the man who has the answer to why the power when out.

We start out believing only one man, Ben Matheson, has the answer. A militia dude (Captain Tom Neville, a former insurance adjuster) shows up at his village. When Ben sees them coming, he pulls Aaron Pitman aside and forces a necklace into the man’s hand and exhorts him to keep it safe. Aaron keeps asking why, what, etc. This is my first plot problem. Ben had plenty of time to tell Aaron what the heck the significance is of the necklace.

Captain Neville orders Ben to go with them to answer questions, but his son, Danny, appears with a crossbow aimed at the captain. (Not real sure here because the camera kept jumping from one person to the next.) Another militia guy aims a long barrel rifle at Danny, all the while Ben is yelling at his son to put the crossbow down. My second and third issues crop up here. Ben could have easily knocked the bow from his son’s hands because the kid wasn’t going to shoot his father. The militia guy would surely know how important it is not to shoot Ben because he’s the one their “leader” wants to question. The man had a clear shot at the son and would’ve shot him because he was the one with a weapon.

Okay, none of that bothers me overly much, but the “junk car garden” (that’s what I’m calling it in my mind) bugs me. Why wouldn’t they just push that car out of the yard and put the plants in the ground like all the rest?

Next up is the building where Ben’s daughter, Charlie, finds her Uncle Miles. Why is there a lone broken column on the grand staircase? There was never any mention of an earthquake; this is a case of the power going out. All the other columns are intact, no crumbling handrail, etc. This is so out-of-place and unnecessary.

Next up, in this fight scene between some militia men and Miles, I can’t help but notice a significant lack of dust and dirt. Does Miles have a cleaning crew sweeping the floors/stairs and polishing the handrails in his makeshift tavern/home? No biggy, I’m still totally into the goals, motivations, and conflicts of the characters.

In this fight scene, Charlie shoots one of the militia men to save her uncle. Uncle Miles pauses to contemplate this turn of events — more than long enough for the men trying to kill him to do the deed. And here’s where I have a huge problem. They’re trying to kill the only other person their leader believes has the answers to why the power went out. How stupid is that? The militia should be laying traps to capture Miles, unharmed.

Still, none of these things have turned me off from this new series. The premise is wholly compelling because we live in a time where something like this could actually happen. It could occur from an EMP detonated in our atmosphere, massive solar flares, or hacker attacks on our power grids (however, the latter two wouldn’t have any affect on batteries). I do find it odd that there’s no mention or sign of anyone using windmills or solar panels.

It’s much more intriguing to think this was intentionally done by a group of people and I can’t wait to find out the reason they’ve done it. Tune in Monday on NBC and we’ll find out together. 😉

Tell me, what do you think?

Side Note: You know how I feel about abandoned places. While I was at the NBC Revolution site, I stumbled upon The Haunting Beauty of Abandoned Places. Very cool!

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