Defiance – Mini Review

As I watched the second episode, I kept thinking the show would be better if Nolan and Irisa were just salvagers trying to make their way to the beaches of Antarctica. Maybe picking up characters along the way. Or maybe I’m just desperately wanting it to be more like Firefly.

Arch left standing, but nothing else. Easy access all around for alien invasion.

I have too many unanswered questions. Like, where do they get spare tires? And gas to run the vehicles? Who’s producing the food? Does it ever rain or snow? If the whole city of St. Louis – skyscrapers and all – are still intact under the terraformed land, why is the arch the only thing left on top? Nolan’s gun runs out of bullets; where does he get more? A good writer never leaves the viewer hanging with unanswered questions for too long .

Nolan and his super cool gun.There was a really squicky moment in episode two when Mrs. Tarrs was half-naked and hugging her son. It was wholly unnecessary in my opinion. In fact, the Tarrs’ bath scenes in general feel gratuitous. I do like the unpredictable actions and reactions of the characters. Irisa’s brooding demeanor is wearing a little heavy. Still, I’ll be tuning in for episode three to see if any exciting alien action occurs. With the gate down, there should be all kinds of good and bad newbies flooding in. Of course, they could always come in by way of the open back gate or fly over and drop in. And the ex-mayor’s devious plot makes no sense. Silly little overlooked details. Maybe I just missed the given answers while trying to read the subtitles.

I could get really lucky and the whole town blows up, leaving the main characters to head out for the fabled beaches of Antarctica. 😉

Here’s a great review of the pilot from Deep Fried Sci fi.

For a better idea of the alien races, Chiller TV has the run down.

5 thoughts on “Defiance – Mini Review

  1. Thanks for the update. Not watching currently becasue I don’t get SyFy. Have been debating paying to stream from itunes. Not sounding worth it…yet. The good thing about the streams is you can go back and catch up later. Hope it takes a turn for the better!


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