New Feature Coming Soon: Haunted Happenings

Almost everyone has a ghost story. If you don’t, then you’re not visiting the right places at the right times. I’ve had several experiences in my life that made me a believer of good and bad spirits roaming the earth. For whatever reason, they’re trapped here and may need someone to push them toward the light – or door to a fiery hell. I can tell you, it’s not going to be me doing the pushing though. I’ll be running in the opposite direction of whatever apparition decides to manifest itself in my presence. I love it all, but I’m a lily-livered chicken when it comes to truly scary stuff. Still, I’d love to have in hand a K-2 meter and thermal imaging device while exploring some of the creepy places I’ve seen – as long as there’s a large crowd of friends with me.

I’ll be posting a new Haunted Happening every now and then – as long as I have someone’s to share. If you have a true ghost story, you’re welcome to send it to me at If it’s a good one that has a ring of truth to it, I’ll share it here. If you’ve got pictures, that’s even better.

I’ll be telling some of my own tales along the way. Sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss a single fascinating or creepy account.

Photo: Mt. Lookout was constructed in 1871 by Henry G. McPike on one of the highest points in Alton. It is an excellent example of Second Empire Italianate Style. Originally sited on 15 acres containing rare shrubs, vineyards and orchards. 4.4 acres of the original estate remain today. Designed by noted Alton architect, Lucas Pfeiffenbeger. Henry McPike was one of Alton’s leading citizens. He served as mayor from 1887-1891. The house has been unoccupied since the 1950’s and is in need of substantial restoration. There are many reports of paranormal activity in this house. It is currently being restored by private citizens. It is a stunning home, and has an eeire history. Adding to the creepiness is that the town in which the McPike resides, Alton, IL, is considered by many to be “the Most Haunted Town in America!” Photo by Black.Doll on Flickr.

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