Haunted Happenings: Grandma’s in the House

Haunted Happenings: Grandma's in the House | Lis'Anne HarrisSitting Left: Deb’s Great Grandfather Edward; Sitting Right: Great Uncle Roy; Standing Left: Grandfather Roy; Standing Right: Grandmother Edith

We bought my family’s home and lived there for close to 30 years before we moved. One night, Rick and I were in bed asleep and all of a sudden I woke to Rick sitting up talking to someone at the foot of the bed. He asked me if I could see her and I said no. Then one night I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. As I walked down the hallway, I looked into the living room. There was a woman sitting in a rocking chair. I walked back to the bedroom and woke Rick up and we both walked back to the living room and we both could see her. I asked Rick if it was the same woman he saw, and he said yes.

I talked to my father about it and he told me they had seen her many times. He had talked to his father, my grandfather, about it and my grandfather told my father it was my grandmother. Dad gave me a picture and asked me if it was the lady and it was. We would see her from time to time.

by Debbie B.

One thought on “Haunted Happenings: Grandma’s in the House

  1. Thank you for sharing your story, Deb, and for being the first to go! I think it’s very cool that your grandma was still hanging around, but kind of sad. At first, I thought maybe she was just a residual entity – like an impression still in the house of what she always used to do, but since your husband was talking to her, it means it was an intelligent haunt. Is the house still in the family?


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