Haunted Happenings: A Brother’s Passing Visit

When Tim was dying of cancer (I lived in Virginia at the time) he was stationed in Osoda, Michigan. However, during the duration of his treatments and his final death, he was at Dayton, Ohio, in the Wright Patterson Air Force Base Medical Center. I flew home to Indiana with my then five month-old son Dan and my five year-old daughter. I had gone to the hospital a lot with Mom & Dad and the rest of the family. On Tim’s final full day of life, he went into a coma. The nurses said it was a blessing and that he no longer felt pain.

Haunted Happenings: A Brother's Passing Visit | lisanneharris.com

I convinced Mom and Dad to go back to their home in Indiana for a much needed rest and that we would go back up in the morning. We never lost hope. The following day/morning around 5:20 a.m. (Indiana time) my son awoke for his morning bottle (I always kept the lights low so that we could hopefully go back to sleep for a bit after feedings). As little Danny had almost finished his bottle, I had a feeling — a kind of “spooked” feeling. You know the kind you get when you were little and were in bed at night and thought there was a ghost or something… Well, I slowly turned my head around, not once thinking about Tim, just that feeling of something is in the room, I saw nothing, I heard nothing just felt a “presence” — even got goose bumps.

The feeling passed, and Danny finished his bottle, I laid him down in his crib, I laid myself down in my bed next to Tara and the phone rang. It was my other brother calling to inform us Tim’s wife just called. Tim had just passed away. I didn’t piece it together until later when someone stated Tim’s time of death. It would’ve been 6:30 a.m. Ohio time….5:30 a.m. Indiana time. When I was finishing up feeding Danny my brother visited me. I froze when Mom told me, and I shared my story with the family. Tim came to say goodbye and I was up, alone, and the one he chose to let all know he was leaving. I am 100 % absolutely sure it was Tim. I saw no ghost, I saw no curtains blowing, just felt a HUGE presence in the room. My beloved brother was crossing over.

by Sandra B.

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