School’s Out Forever

School's Out Forever | Lis'Anne HarrisDerelict school buildings, Broomloan Road, Govan, Glasgow, Great Britian by David McMumm on

School's Out Forever | Lis'Anne HarrisAbandoned school bus in Henry County, Tennessee. Photo by Katangais

Abandoned High School in Toyah, Texas – A real ghost town in Reeves County by

Abandoned in Primrose, Nebraska by Ammodramus

School's Out Forever | Lis'Anne HarrisAbandoned near Bates, Oklahoma by MRHSfan

Elise Reuss Memorial School, Erected 1907 To the loving memory of our daughter Elise Bertha Christine Reuss. Iberville Parish, Louisiana. Born June 9th 1890 Died November 19th 1894. Photo by Shanna Riley.

Abandoned School Gym by Brook Ward

Abandoned classroom in Detroit, Michigan. Photo by Freaktography

Middle School #3 at Sportivnaya Street 14, one of 5 secondary schools in Pripyat, Ukraine. Photo by Shanomag

School's Out Forever | Lis'Anne HarrisAbandoned school in Whiteflat, Texas of Motley County. Photo by Leaflet


2 thoughts on “School’s Out Forever

  1. Hi and thank you. I dearly love these old places. We are in Florida and taking a cross county trip to visit family in Oregon this summer and maybe put these places on our go to list. Do you know if any are open to the public? Thanks so much, Beverly


  2. Hi Beverly, That sounds like an awesome road trip! Wish I could stowaway in your trunk! 🙂

    I would imagine none of these places are open to the public and more than likely have No Trespassing signs posted. That never stops those daring Urban Explorers though. There’s just something about these abandoned places that are too tempting to resist.

    Have fun on your cross country adventure and if you find any supremely cool abandoned buildings along the way, do share! 🙂


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