Abandoned Henry River Mill Village – Photos by Jeff Decker

Waving to all my abandoned junkies! I have a cool place to share with you today. šŸ˜Š Sorry for my overlong absence; I had to ground myself from indulging my passion for all things abandoned until my current manuscript was written and revised, the synopsis written, the blurb written, and everything was sent off to my wonderful personal editor to weed out the imperfections. Now I can’t wait to get started on my hunt for an agent and editor who are as passionate about the derelict and decrepit as we are!Henry River Mill Village by Jeff Decker | Lis'Anne HarrisĀ 

These pictures were sent to me by my good friend, Jeff Decker. He shot them in North Carolina while on vacation with his son. The abandoned Henry River Mill Village is where the opening scene of the firstĀ The Hunger Games was shot. District 12 was the home of Katniss and Peta.

The village was started as a planned community in 1904, by a couple of guys who used the power of the river for a textile mill.Ā  Of the 35 original houses built for the workers, 21 are still standing, though quite derelict. The mill was closed in the 1960s, and burned in 1977.Ā Henry River Mill Village by Jeff Decker | Lis'Anne Harris

From Wikipedia: Henry River Mill VillageĀ is a small textileĀ villageĀ inĀ Burke County, North Carolina. It is an unaltered but now-decaying example of an early industrial environment.

The village was a self-contained complex with its own mill, dam, water and fire-protection systems, andĀ company store. In later years, the village gained amenities such as walkways, terraced green spaces, and field stone retaining walls. Today most of the village’s original buildings remain sited along a smallĀ gorgeĀ of the Henry River, just west ofĀ Catawba County, North Carolina. The site is private property but can be driven through via Henry River Road. It is located a short distance fromĀ Interstate 40Ā via an exit nearĀ Hildebran. Click the Wikipedia link for more on how/why the village began.Henry River Mill Village by Jeff Decker | Lis'Anne Harris

There are posted No Trespassing signs! Look from a distance, but don’t go in. If you have a telephoto zoom lens, there’s no law against taking pictures from the road. šŸ™‚ For more gorgeous images of this village, hop over to Denise Warden Photography. She’s captured the exquisite poignancy of this place.Ā Henry River Mill Village by Jeff Decker | Lis'Anne Harris

Now that book one is under my belt, I’ll do better at making time to share the images I find. Happy wallowing in everything abandoned and Happy Halloween! šŸ‘»

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