What’s Up With Lis?

To answer the title question, a lot. I’ve been stewing over many subjects of late and have made some logical decisions.

  1. I’ve realized the newsletter I started is something none of us need. Whenever I have news and announcements, right here on the good old blog is the perfect place to share. Why reinvent the wheel? If you haven’t signed up for email notifications of new posts, the simple form is at the bottom of all the pages on this website. 😊
  2.  I’m paring down my social media sites and book selling/review platforms. I’ll be nixing Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Bookbub, Google Books, and iTunes. This will hopefully leave more time for actually writing and doing the other things I’ve set out to accomplish. You’ll be able to find me on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, SmashwordsFacebook, Instagram, Goodreads, and Pinterest.
  3. No more book release dates! LOL I can’t stick to them. All the most prolific writers seem to agree, keeping your butt in the chair and fingers on the keyboard is the key to becoming a successful published author.  However, my interests are all over the spectrum and focusing on any one task for too long turns me to mush. I have sorely missed exploring the net for fabulous imagery and venturing out with the Mister to discover all the cool, abandoned places around here. More of that and less worrying about deadlines will make Lis a very happy writer. 😁
  4. The Captain’s Dangerous Hoyden will be out when it’s out. Please don’t kick me to the curb! If I get back to writing the next contemporary paranormal in the Abandoned series titled Forlorn, I’m sure it will help spark my creative juices for the Daring Damsel series and all the other stories waiting in the wings to be told.
  5. As most of you know, I’m the chick over at Culinary Craftiness. Several months ago I had an epiphany. With the support of my husband and sons, we’ll be taking my foody inspirations on the road. We’re starting a part-time food truck business! Please hang on while I get all my ducks in a row and iron out my schedule for writing, posting abandoned pics, and whipping up delicious dishes to share.

So for now, let me leave you with a few pics and updates:

The book signing at Derby Day in Morristown, Indiana was a smashing success! Here Lis'Anne Harris, Romanceare two of my newest fans! (The granddaughters of one of my dearest friends. 😊) I sold 48 of the 50 books I took. However, I discovered well after the event I had NOT properly formatted The Pirate’s Defiant Houri. It was riddled with errors. If you bought a paperback in July or August 2018 and would like to exchange it for a corrected copy, please email me at lisanneharris.author @ gmail.com. I’m so sorry for showing what an amatuer I really am! Practice does make perfect though. If you can overlook the errors and focus on the story then I did at least one thing right. 😃

In mid-October, I attended a Bob Mayer workshop at First Coast Romance Writers with one of my best gal-pals, Charlee Allden. It was great to finally meet Bob and get some much needed advice. I’ve been following him around the net since around 2006 for his awesome publishing and survival tips. I loved hanging with long-time writer friend Lena Diaz and meeting a lot of new writers like Leah Miles! I needed the mini-refresher to give me a swift kick in the rear. I’d been dragging my feet on the edits/revisions for TCDH. It worked! I’m making progress, though slow. But at least fresh words are finding their way onto the page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The husband and I got away for some much needed alone time at one of our favorite destinations – the beach! The sunshine was plentiful, the heat in the mid-80s, and the seashells in abundance. It was a perfect couple of days and we’re looking forward to our next beach adventure in December.

Indian Rocks Beach Mini-Vacay | Lis'Anne Harris

At Sand Key State Park just south of Clearwater Beach. An underwater memorial to honor all the military branches. I hope to dive down to see this site some day.

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To kick off this idyllic mini-vacay, we finally got to attend a J.J. Grey & Mofro concert at Coachman Park in Clearwater. We were pleasantly surprised by the venue and feel the park’s website doesn’t do it justice. We’ll definitely be heading back for future events. As for J.J., if you like the blues, you’ll love his music. His tunes were more often than not playing on my Pandora while writing Abandoned.  Everytime this song came on, I had to stop everything and sing along. 🎤🎶

We went to a fun Halloween party at Charlee’s! It was the first time the Mister and I had dressed in costume since way back in the day. We got to chill with some of my best gal-pals, Abigail Sharpe and Priscilla Oliveras. And met Charlee’s sis and BIL, Sindy and Trevor. I could listen to their beautiful British accents for hours upon hours while learning of their life in England. 😊 Gloria, Charlee’s mom, made some of the best party punch I’ve ever tasted! The hostess with the mostest went all out with all the yummy fixin’s for an ice cream/yogurt bar. This chick ate a hot fudge brownie delight and it was worth every spoon lickin’ carb! 😋

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There are so many wonderful festivals this time of year. 🦃🍂 🏈 I hope you take the time to get out and enjoy the wonderful things this world has to offer to counter-balance all the doom and gloom we’re bombarded with these days. If you’re one who has a hard time finding common ground with those whom you disagree, perhaps a trip to the doc for some mind-altering meds may be in order. 😜 There’s nothing wrong with that! I’m a huge fan of Lexapro and Cymbalta. 😉

Happy fall y’all! I hope your Thanksgiving is full of peace, love, and generosity. 💗


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