Abandoned 1965 Sage Dream Hauler…A New Beginning

Some people might think I’m insane…or stupid. Maybe they’d be right. All I know is I’m a dreamer with big dreams. The old saying, you won’t know until you try had been stuck on replay in my mind over the last six months as I kept going back to the pictures of this decrepit, old camper.

Abandoned 1965 Sage Dream Hauler...A New Beginning | Lis'Anne Harris

My best guess is it’s a 1965. The only reference I could find to a Sage from Lupton, Michigan, was the pictures and description from a site that sells RVs. The body type is “trunk back.”

Abandoned 1965 Sage Dream Hauler...A New Beginning | Lis'Anne Harris

Vintage Travel Trailer Birchwood Beauty / Aqua Camper With Lots Of Room /Storage

“This Birchwood 16′ 1965 Sage is located in West Branch, Michigan 48661 Zip Code. Trailer has clean Michigan Title weighing 2360 lbs and includes its original keys to the working Bargman door lock and trunk lock!!!!! This trailer pulls like a dream!!! I always thought Shastas were a dream to pull until I hauled this one behind a six cylinder van. No wind drag, sway or bounce. I believe its great towability is due to its design both in the front and rear. This trailer was manufactured in Lupton… “

That’s all I have to work with until someone with more information comes along and finds this post. 🙂 In the mean time, it’ll be slow going since I’m not physically capable of doing major grunt work like I used to, but thankfully I’m married to an amazing carpentry master craftsman. 😀 I’ll show you the finished pics some day in the hopefully not too distant future.

This is what it looks liked when I saw it on the facebook marketplace. I bought it without seeing it in person. The previous owner delivered it to me well after dark one evening.

This is what it looked like in the bright light of day. *heavy sigh*

Even though it’s in far worse shape than we expected, it’s not hopeless. This abandoned Sage will live again. 🙂

One thought on “Abandoned 1965 Sage Dream Hauler…A New Beginning

  1. Oh, wow!!! I am so jealous right now!!! That is a great find! So, that means you are not insane, or maybe this is some undiagnosed disease we just just don’t know about yet! I can not wait to see your finished beauty!!

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