A Few Gold Nuggets to Share

Happy March! Can you believe we’re almost to Spring? Back in the lazy days of my youth, time seemed to drag on and on and on. I think that’s the thing I miss the most. There really isn’t enough time in the day to do everything that needs doing. Here’s a small sampling of what’s on my agenda for the next several weeks. Bonus derelict images in this newsletter so keep scrolling!

To Guard with Love - by Roberta Bombonato | Lis'Anne Harris

Congratulations to my bestie, Roberta Bombonato, on the release of the very first story she ever wrote, To Guard with Love. This novella is near and dear to her heart and is told from the perspective of a black Labrador Retriever puppy. The contemporary romance is inspired by true events and will make you madder than a hornet, sadder than Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh, make you laugh, and give you all the feel-goods you should expect from a happily ever after story. 😍

Roberta Bombonato and her sweet black Lab, Kent. | Lis'Anne Harris
Roberta Bombonato and her sweet black Lab, Kent.

A puppy is cute. A puppy is laughter. A puppy is joy. Simone needed the unconditional love only Enomis could provide to alleviate the constant heartache, pain, and fear permeating her life. How can a puppy save a woman from an abusive relationship and help her find the right kind of love? With heart.

The cover and formatting for the ebook and print are two of my works.

This the perfect weather to get on the 1965 Sage camper project that’s been sitting idle since last summer. First it was way too hot, then I became way too busy. And admittedly, I need a lot of help from my menfolk to get the restoration underway and they lead pretty busy lives, too. Step #1 is sanding and prepping the frame for a new coat of paint.

1965 Sage Restoration | Lis'Anne Harris

The A-frame coupler was welded on. Zac (middle son) will cut it off and install a new one.

2 in. A-Frame Trailer Coupler 66951 alternate photo #1
1965 Sage Restoration | Lis'Anne Harris

Same with the old, useless jack. Either the chain someone wrapped around it was welded on or just kind of melded to it with rust.

1500 lb. Dual Wheel Swing-Back Bolt-On Trailer Jack 69779 alternate photo #1

Step #2, new tires (and a spare with rim). Inspecting the bearings and axle, and sanding and painting the uncarriage will happen then, as well. Resealing the wheel wells, too.

1965 Sage Restoration | Lis'Anne Harris

Step #3 is finishing the interior gut. More pics to come as the project progresses.

On the way home from Jax last weekend, I took pictures of this amazingly cool house that looks totally abandoned in Waldo. I’ve loved it since the first day I saw it 15 years ago. Sadly, it looks pretty much the same as it did then. I’d give anything to buy it and restore it! I feel like it might not be as abandoned as it looks though. The front and back porch lights are always on and a vehicle has been parked on the south side when I’ve driven by. I would love to see the inside!

Historic Waldo, Florida | Lis'Anne Harris

According to a smidgen of local history I found on the net, the second story was used as a cigar factory after the original El Toney Cigar Factory burned. It had been located next to an opera house that also burned down.

Historic Waldo, Florida | Lis'Anne Harris
Historic Waldo, Florida | Lis'Anne Harris
Historic Waldo, Florida | Lis'Anne Harris
I think this was originally a bank that closed during the Great Depression.
Historic Waldo, Florida | Lis'Anne Harris
Historic Waldo, Florida | Lis'Anne Harris
I believe this building was originally a grocery store.
Historic Waldo, Florida | Lis'Anne Harris
Row of derelict, empty stores facing the northbound side of State Road 24.
Historic Waldo, Florida | Lis'Anne Harris
Cute little historic church. I can’t read what the sign over the door says.

On the cooking blog, Culinary Craftiness, today are these decadently sweet mini keto cheesecakes. Crazy good and only 4.4 grams of carbs per 2 cakes. I topped mine with sugar-free blueberry preserves. Ro topped hers with peanut butter. Topping with both was a brilliant idea. I can’t wait to make more!

Decadently Sweet Mini Keto Cheesecakes | Culinary Craftiness

Coming soon will be the Russian version of Interpreter, Translate! by Ihar Kazak. I can’t believe I’ve done it, but somehow managed to put the individual chapters of his manuscript written in Cyrillic into ebook and print book form.

Also in the works is another cozy mystery by Janie Dean. This one is set in St. Augustine, Florida and is a light paranormal. I think you’ll love it if you like cozies!

Coming soon is another contemporary romance novel by Roberta BombonatoAn Unconventional Family. The blurb and cover for Book One and Book Two, An Unbreakable Family, will be released this spring/summer!

If you have a manuscript you’d like to self-publish, shoot me a message using the form(s) found in the book cover and manuscript services tabs near the top of this website. My rates are incredibly affordable!

I hope y’all are enjoying where you are in your life and what you’re doing. I’ve learned to find joy in the littlest of things. Happiness really is a choice.

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