Great Things Are Still Happening!

Thankfully, artists are still creating their art to help keep us sane in these trying times. Music, movies, tv shows, video games, funny/thought-provoking/inspirational memes entertain us for hours without end while we’re confined to our homes. And for book-lovers, new novels are being published every single day! Which brings me to the re-introduction of An Unconventional Family by Roberta Bombonato and the sequel An Unbreakable Family! Now available on Amazon! Both are part of The Family Tree series. Book 3 will be available in Spring 2021.

An Unconventional Family – Book 1

Originally published in 2009, the author wanted to edit and update the story and it was my pleasure to help!
The Family Tree series Book One

Marvin Costa, alias Azrael, has had vengeance on the brain for nearly two decades. Carmen Moreno has invested one of those decades in a relationship with him that often seems one sided. Keiko Akashimi joins the two when her family became victims of a mob hit in which she barely escaped with her life.

What do they all have in common? Fate has thrown them together against all odds and after an epic, action packed adventure filled with bloodshed and heartache they finally become: AN UNCONVENTIONAL FAMILY

You can more from Roberta at and facebook @RobertaBombonatorAuthor and Twitter @AuthorBombonato

An Unbreakable Family – Book 2

An Unbreakable Family by Roberta Bombonato

Marvin and Carmen’s marriage is fantastic. Giovanni, their son, is a lively boy who can hold his own against bullies. Akemi, their adopted daughter, is 18 and struggling to find herself. The past affects the present and the future in a big way.

How can she move forward without knowing the whole truth and trust the parents she has come to love? Digging for answers alerts the other side and forces Marvin to come out of retirement. 

Uniting against domestic terrorists might be better than therapy for: AN UNBREAKABLE FAMILY

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, farmers are still farming, food manufacturers are still manufacturing all of our favorite comfort foods, truckers are still trucking it to the stores, supermarkets are still stocking their shelves, and restaurants are still cooking and serving everything we love. Carpenters are still building, plumbers still plumbing, electricians still wiring, etc. But many people have been furloughed or laid off. In the midst of so much pain and sorrow, I have never seen so many loving, kind, generous human beings coming together to help each other get through this scourge.

If you need help, reach out! If you can be of help, reach out! God bless you and keep you all safe, healthy, and happy in this crazy world turned upside down.

Peace & love,


One thought on “Great Things Are Still Happening!

  1. Thank you for the post, wonderful friend! And I agree, in the midst of so much negativity, let’s contribute to the light and the joy. We will all get through this together 🙂


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