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Isabella Warren feels as empty and forlorn as the buildings she restores. The last living member of the Warren family, she desperately seeks the historic mansion in a sketch she found in her granddad’s attic. After two years, she finally finds the derelict home of her ancestors in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and wins it at auction. With the vast resources of her renovation business, she sets out to save the haunted, decrepit Chatham Hall. Isabella hopes to find a measure of peace by owning a part of her family history.

Jack Haverhill, the owner of a small historic rehabilitation company, has been waiting his whole life to buy Chatham Hall. He’s determined to save the house he believes saved him. To survive a childhood of abuse from his father, he made the derelict building his refuge. Dark anger haunts him day and night as he tries to find a new way forward after losing the house to the bossy Isabella Warren.

Instant dislike and distrust between Jack and Isabella slowly gives way to feelings of a bone-deep connection. The two work together with the aid of a paranormal investigator to uncover the heinous crimes committed by the evil spirit haunting Chatham Hall. Will the horrifying truth of the past be too ugly for Jack and Isabella to overcome?

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