The Viscount’s Feisty Highland Lass

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Daring Damsels Book One

The Viscount's Feisty Highland Lass by Lis'Anne Harris

“THE VISCOUNT’S FEISTY HIGHLAND LASS is a fabulous Georgian historical romance that will leave readers begging for more!” ~ Virginia Henley, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Lis’Anne Harris has written a page-turner, keeping the action and, of course, the romance on track and flowing. The attention to detail is remarkable; the author clearly has done her homework.” ~ Jeff Decker, Goodreads


At the mercy of her amoral uncle, Baron Ledgemont, who’ll stop at nothing to steal her inheritance, LADY DESIREE FRAZIER finds herself the object of a scandalous auction. Belittled for her stuttering speech, no man wants her for a wife. Desiree summons the courage to wrest control of her future and money from the vicious monster who plots to destroy her.

LORD ALEXANDER EVERDON, beleaguered by the guardianship of his errant siblings, is in London to track down his wayward brother. What he doesn’t expect to stumble upon is the noble Lady Desiree surrounded by lascivious lechers.

BOUND TOGETHER in a wild bid to thwart Baron Ledgemont’s evil machinations, Alex discovers the feisty Scottish lass is the perfect match for him. While trying to gain her love, Alex is thrust into a series of misadventures to free his brother from a date with the gallows. Desiree must turn the tables on her dastardly uncle before she can revel in her viscount’s sweet love.

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