The Pirate’s Defiant Houri

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Daring Damsels Book Two

The Pirate's Defiant Houri by Lis'Anne Harris

“Lis’Anne Harris’s gorgeous storytelling will sweep you away!” ~ Valerie Bowman, best-selling author of historical romance

LADY JOANNA BENTLEY has been sold into sexual slavery by her greedy guardian. While sailing en route to Istanbul, she jumps overboard in the dark of night in hopes of reaching a nearby island. Alone, scared, and faced with the overwhelming odds of escaping unscathed, she has to put her trust in a British rogue who claims he was sent by her sister to rescue her.

PIRATE CAPTAIN RICHARD TREVANIAN has grown weary of roaming the seven seas and finding a mistress in every port. Left with a legacy of heartbreak and abandonment, he returns home to the Cornish coast to rebuild his crumbling castle. But a plea from a friend sends him out on one last adventure to save an English lady from her Topkapi Palace prison. He discovers it may be the most dangerous escapade yet…to his heart.

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