The Captain’s Dangerous Hoyden

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The Captain's Dangerous Hoyden | Lis'Anne Harris

Lady Bryn Elizabeth Travanion has a dream and a plan. Knowing full well she was born into a class system where gently bred women have circumscribed roles in society, she believes ladies of strong mental and physical fortitude can do anything a man can do—and probably with more compassion and intelligence. All she has to do is convince her parents she’s capable of having an exciting, fulfilling life without the need for a husband’s guidance.

Lord Bryce Morgan is on the run from captaining one of the ships in his greedy monarch’s depraved fleet of floating brothels. A request from his father to help an old family friend on the Cornish coast delays his plan to hide out on his Jamaican plantation until he can find a way to end the blackmail.

Longtime friends, despite years of heated disagreements, Bryn and Bryce are thrown together to thwart an enemy from the past set on exacting revenge. They discover differences can be assets, and love can blossom where it’s least expected.

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