Book One, Sweet Salvation

SWEET SALVATION is a fabulous Georgian historical romance that will leave readers begging for more! ~ Virginia Henley, New York Times Bestselling Author

At the mercy of her amoral uncle who’ll stop at nothing to steal her inheritance, LADY DESIREE FRAZIER finds herself the object of a scandalous auction. Belittled for her stuttering speech, no man wants her to wife. Anger and disgust stiffen Desiree’s resolve to gain control of her life.

LORD ALEXANDER EVERDON, harassed by the guardianship of his errant siblings, is in London to rescue his wayward brother. What he doesn’t expect to stumble upon is the noble Lady Desiree surrounded by lascivious lechers.

BOUND TOGETHER in a wild bid to thwart her uncle’s evil machinations, Alex gives Desiree the strength to overcome her affliction and the wherewithal to set her own course. While trying to gain her love, Alex is thrust into a series of misadventures to free his brother from a date with the gallows. Desiree must save Alex’s life and expose a murder plot before she can revel in his Sweet Salvation.

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Fear clutched his chest as he knelt beside her. “What happened?”

“She fainted dead away when she saw yestereve’s paper.” Lady Westhaven fanned Desiree with said scandal sheet.

“Why did you show it to her?” Alex lifted Desiree’s delicate hand and chafed it hoping to bring her around. He couldn’t believe she was garbed in a nightrail and what looked suspiciously like Evans’ overcoat.

Lady Westhaven frowned. “‘Tis her reputation in shreds. And yours.”

“Mine is already in shreds as well you know.”

Trevor cleared the servants—each trying to chime in over the other with good advice—out of the room with the exception of Evans and Johnston. Lady Westhaven’s personal maid, Bess, came running into the room with a bottle of smelling salts. She handed it to her mistress then stood by for further instructions.

The marchioness uncorked the small bottle and waved it under Desiree’s nose. Within moments her eyes fluttered open.

Her wide gaze alighted on each face surrounding her and stopped on Alex. Her bottom lip quivered as tears filled her eyes. “I am s-so s-sorry.”

He smiled at her. “There is nothing for which you should be sorry. None of this is your fault, Desiree.”

Lady Westhaven took control. “Johnston, have the Rose Room prepared for Lady Desiree—and a hot bath, and Lord Windmere’s usual suite. Bess, find suitable clothing for the young lady in my wardrobe then meet me in her chamber.”

Alex scooped her into his arms and shushed her protests. “‘Tis a long way to the Rose Room from here and you are still unwell from your trials yesterday.”

She relaxed and held on.

Desiree felt perfect in his arms. He reminded himself he was engaged to be married, but for the life of him he couldn’t recall what it was about Pamela he had found so attractive.

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