Decaying & Abandoned

A few links for future abandoned exploration:

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Forgotten Ohio

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Decay, ruins, wrecks and scrap

Abandoned Ireland

Abandoned Castles of Russian Countryside

Abandoned Supercars

Web Urbanist – 100+ Abandoned Buildings, Places, and Properties

The World’s Ten Creepiest Abandoned Cities


2 thoughts on “Decaying & Abandoned

  1. HI Lis Anne I am a local author in Southern Indiana and I am doing research on homes in the area that are abandon, that have been built in the later 1800’s to very early 1900’s- I wanted to ask if you own the copy rights to the images you shared or if you might be able to send me in the correct direction to obtain permission to use one? The home in North Vernon Indiana happens to be the one I am starting my book research on, and I wondered if you know anything else about the home or IT’S original owners, any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, love you blog by the way very cool!


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