My Muse Refuses to Plot

I have a confession to make.  It’s been months since I’ve written anything worthwhile in any of my works-in-progress.  Each story is plotted and I can clearly see every scene and ending, but the words to show my characters’ journeys have been more elusive than spotting a blind albino papermaker riding a three-legged flatulent horse.

This morning in my twilight sleep the answer to my dilemma finally came.  I’m a pantser, not a plotter. Continue reading

So Many Lessons to Learn

OMGosh…I can’t believe I’m just now remembering I have a blog–and it needs attention!

Since the first of the year I’ve studied many craft lessons.  No matter how many manuscripts I complete–each more powerfully written and compelling than the previous–there’s always room for improvement.  The greatest authors never stop discovering new ways to tell old tales.

The Internet abounds with awesome writerly lessons. Let your favorite search engine become your very best friend. 🙂