To Contest, or Not To Contest…

We intended to scope out a Gulf beach we’d never been to, but apparently the bridge is out until the Fall of 2009. Fine by me…it was a perfect day for working outside.

Before heading out the door to pressure wash the pool this morning, I picked up the newest issue of RWR (Romance Writer’s Report) and flipped to the contests section in the back. Continue reading

Inkplots Critique Group

I so look forward to my bi-monthly Inkplots critique meetings. Our members arrive at McAlister’s Deli with ten pages each of our current wip (work-in-progress). We order our food, and then eat while discussing whatever’s going on in the industry, or those things occurring in our lives that affect our writing.

Inkplotters at the 2008 Southern Lights Conference, Jacksonville, Florida — with Charlee Allden and Jeanne VanArsdall (standing); L-R sitting – Lee Roland, Abigail Sharpe, Lis’Anne Harris, & Janie Dean.

Last night’s meeting was great. I’m in the midst of working on a medieval fantasy romance. Continue reading