Blind Sympathy – Cover Reveal!

Hello Fabulous Followers! I’ve been hard at work for the past half year or more on several new endeavors which has left me little time to focus on my love for all things abandoned, though it’s still one of my greatest passions. The same goes with writing stories. My muse has switched gears and I must go where she takes me. 🙂

Blind Sympathy by Roberta Bombonato | Cover by Melissa Woolard

Creating covers for author friends has led to the realization, I love every step of the process from scouring the internet for suitable images I can manipulate, to tweaking and adding until the cover transforms into a complex work of art. It’s easy for me to spend countless hours (I have no idea how many this cover took, but probably around sixty) to get one as close to perfect as possible. I now want to live for the feeling I get when an author says, “It’s amazing! You are amazing!” And, “I think you’re incredibly talented with an enormous knack for this!” And, “You are an artist extraordinaire!”

Custom Book Covers by M.Woolard

So I’m hanging out my shingle! If you need a book cover or know of someone who does, please email Melissa at []. We’ll start with your vision and then collaborate on bringing your book’s outer shell to life. The old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is a bunch of hooey. We ALL judge books by their covers. Let me help you turn yours into a masterpiece that accurately represents the story inside. 🙂

Manuscript Services by M.Woolard

Also, I’ve discovered I love formatting manuscripts for print and ebook! Only fiction and non-fiction rated G or PG, please! In romance, no erotica. In non-fiction, no legal or technical mss. If you need your ms critiqued, I can do that, too! I can edit/proofread/copyedit, but have found I hate causing people angst when I find plot holes, poorly formed premises, and writing styles that leave the reader confused. So, if you have a really tough hide, you might want to utilize my services in that area, but if you know you’re sensitive to constructive criticism, it would probably be best to stick with my book formatting and cover creation services! 🙂

Consultations are free!

Simple ebook covers start at $20 if you already have an image you want on the cover. Full print covers start at $50 depending on the level of complexity. A cover similar to Blind Sympathy would be $150-300. There are over a dozen images in this cover that have been customized and manipulated to create the whole. The basic demon was sent off to a professional artist, Robert Tribby of Grim Reflections (instagram @robtribby), for enhancement and then was further digitally shaded to match the moonglow.

Other Services: Custom Logos, Business Cards, Bookmarks, Postcards, Banners, Website & Social Media Headers

To Contest, or Not To Contest…

We intended to scope out a Gulf beach we’d never been to, but apparently the bridge is out until the Fall of 2009. Fine by me…it was a perfect day for working outside.

Before heading out the door to pressure wash the pool this morning, I picked up the newest issue of RWR (Romance Writer’s Report) and flipped to the contests section in the back. Continue reading

Inkplots Critique Group

I so look forward to my bi-monthly Inkplots critique meetings. Our members arrive at McAlister’s Deli with ten pages each of our current wip (work-in-progress). We order our food, and then eat while discussing whatever’s going on in the industry, or those things occurring in our lives that affect our writing.

Inkplotters at the 2008 Southern Lights Conference, Jacksonville, Florida — with Charlee Allden and Jeanne VanArsdall (standing); L-R sitting – Lee Roland, Abigail Sharpe, Lis’Anne Harris, & Janie Dean.

Last night’s meeting was great. I’m in the midst of working on a medieval fantasy romance. Continue reading