Amping Up GMC (Goal, Motivation, & Conflict)

The last few weeks were horrible.  I lost my writing mojo and I couldn’t figure out why.  I finally realized my heroine’s motivation and conflict were weak.  While her reason for doing what she did was plausible, it seemed far too contrived and really out of character for her.  I needed to put myself in her world and mind to know what would tick her off enough to strike out on her own.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t talking to me.  She must’ve been p.o.ed at me for making her a weak and flighty female.

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2010 Resolutions? No. Goals? Yes.

I’ve thought long and hard about my vision for 2010.  The most important first step toward a positive outlook is to stop bitching about the things I have no control over.  In that vein, I’m following Bob Mayer and have set his blog as my home page. Update 4/16/13: I still adore Bob Mayer, but he’s no longer my home page. 😉
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Whirlwind Week

My word, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted.

This has been a busy week of plotting TDLI.

SS has been complete for quite some time, but always in the back of my mind I knew something was missing. I kept thinking the story didn’t need this scene to be compelling. Well, it needed it. After adding it, the next one received a partial axing. Now this story rocks and is perfect in my mind.  I feel so much better.

Whatever goals I had listed a few weeks ago, I’m sure I accomplished some and others not. I’ve been encouraged to begin morning affirmations before my feet hit the floor and I can honestly say they’re working.

I hope everyone out there is making great progress on their wips. I know I am.  🙂


Very Worthy Blog Post

I recently visited Uppington’s blog and read a post that truly inspired me.

Today’s Ramblings:

There’s so much going on around here it’s hard to remain focused on my goals. This is Spring Break week for my youngest son, my middle son moved home from Ormond Beach after graduating from Wyotech (finding a job in the marine mechanics field isn’t going to be easy in this economy), and my oldest son has laptop issues that require my expertise in hardware and software repairs. My husband is working, but with construction jobs few and far between business is slow. My attention is constantly demanded by all these males in my life. Continue reading

Loglines & Goals

Good grief, my mind’s been all over the place today. Rather than burn myself out on TCH, I decided to work on the logline for SS. The blurb is great, but condensing that down to one sentence is killing me. Oh, it can be done, but what I’ve got so far shows no pizzazz.

An awesome writer I know has hers down to six words. SIX! And let me tell you, those six words are enough to make me want to read the story. How on earth did she do it? Continue reading