Hauntings at Revenant Acres Farm

Revenant Acres Farm is an old haunted farmhouse located in the tiny burg of Charlottesville, Indiana, about 35 miles east of Indianapolis on US-40 (aka Historic National Road). The area was platted in 1830 and in 1867 was large enough to be incorporated into a town, but is no longer. Lots of little communities just like this dot this old route to the west and I’m sure they’re filled with cool abandoned imagery and haunted happenings.

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Sadly, Utterly Abandoned: The Haunted Green House

I went home for a visit back in July of this year and heard the sad tale of a house that played a big part in the lives of a lot of my family. It’s not a large house or one that’s architecturally noteworthy. It’s just a regular old house built in 1910 in my little hometown of Morristown, Indiana. We’ve always called it “the green house” because it was a deep pea green for probably 30-40 years or longer, but someone in the last 30 panted the old shingle siding white.

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Haunted Happenings: A Brother’s Passing Visit

When Tim was dying of cancer (I lived in Virginia at the time) he was stationed in Osoda, Michigan. However, during the duration of his treatments and his final death, he was at Dayton, Ohio, in the Wright Patterson Air Force Base Medical Center. I flew home to Indiana with my then five month-old son Dan and my five year-old daughter. I had gone to the hospital a lot with Mom & Dad and the rest of the family. On Tim’s final full day of life, he went into a coma. The nurses said it was a blessing and that he no longer felt pain.

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Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Homes

I love them all and so many more. There will definitely have to be a second homes series. If anyone has any information on any of these, please share!

This most likely used to be a hotel. The image was taken upstate New York, around Hunter Mountain. http://highaperture.com

What an awesome building! This most likely used to be a hotel. The image was taken upstate New York, around Hunter Mountain. This photo has been posted on so many different sites, it was hard to tell who the original photographer was. My best guess is ckdhtc on High Aperture – only because I enlarged the photo to such a degree that I could see this on the bottom corner.  The house next to it looks to be in the same sad state of neglect. I’d love to explore both places. There are horses in the left mid image. Someone must care for them which makes me wonder if at least part of the house is occupied. A wonderful commenter took the time to find the missing answers. This is the old, abandoned Cold Springs Hotel in Tannersville, New York.

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