Change of Venue Alert! Derby Day Book Signing Has Moved!

We’re no longer planning to be under the big tent. The new site is right across the street from Village Pantry. If you’re in Morristown, Indiana between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on July 28, 2018, come by and see Lis’Anne! There will be books available for sale, or bring yours to have them signed by the author. šŸ¤—

Lis’Anne’s First Book Signing!

Save the date!Ā 

Saturday, July 28, 2018
Morristown, Indiana

Lis’Anne’s first ever book signing will be at her hometown’s famousĀ Morristown Derby DaysĀ celebration! A 5-mile Run/WalkĀ kicks off the day followed by a cool parade – she’ll be on her class float celebrating her 35th year high school reunion!Ā Then the 71st annual Boy Scouts Soap Box Derby Race in the middle of downtown Morristown shuts down U.S. Highway 52 for another few hours as the contestants speed down the hill in their wooden cars vying to get their name in the record book. Head west of town to the school campus forĀ carnival rides and games andĀ the Lion’s Club Fish Fry. You’ll find herĀ booth under the big tent! She’ll have books for sale and some fun giveaways!

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Hauntings at Revenant Acres Farm

Revenant Acres Farm is an old haunted farmhouse located in the tiny burg of Charlottesville, Indiana, about 35 miles east of Indianapolis on US-40 (aka Historic National Road). The area was platted in 1830 and in 1867 was large enough to be incorporated into a town, but is no longer. Lots of little communities just like this dot this old route to the west and I’m sure they’re filled with cool abandoned imagery and haunted happenings.

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The Cowboy & Pat’s Bulk Food

On my recent vacation home to visit family in Indiana, my sister and I were tooling down the road on the way to our step-momma place on the Ohio River. Every time we go there together, our drive takes us through a town called Greensburg. We’ve discovered we can’t go through that town without picking up the most awesome pizza ever from a restaurant called Pizza King.

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Sadly, Utterly Abandoned and Other Images from a Little Indiana Town

These are some images from my trip home in July, 2013. Most are from my husband’s little home town of Manilla, Indiana, which I didn’t even know existed just 10 miles or so southeast of my little home town until I met him when he began working in my home town. How crazy is that? I immediately fell in love with the people, the buildings, and the history.

I would love to see the remaining buildings restored and brought back to life – and even those that are long gone rebuilt and turned into thriving businesses once again. A girl can dream.

An abandoned tobacco barn between Vevay and Madison, Indiana.

An abandoned tobacco barn between Vevay and Madison, Indiana.

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Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Mixed Bag from Home

During a visit to my old hometown, my mom, Nancy, took me on a trip down memory lane – literally. We traveled every single road and alley, reminiscing over who lived where when she was young while I added my recollections from my youth.

I've always loved this house. It still looks exactly the same as it did 10, 20, even 30 or more years ago. I know the owner, too. Morristown, Indiana

I’ve always loved this house. It still looks exactly the same as it did 10, 20, even 30 or more years ago. And so does the owner. Love ya, Joe! šŸ˜‰ Morristown, Indiana.

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