Very Worthy Blog Post

I recently visited Uppington’s blog and read a post that truly inspired me.

Today’s Ramblings:

There’s so much going on around here it’s hard to remain focused on my goals. This is Spring Break week for my youngest son, my middle son moved home from Ormond Beach after graduating from Wyotech (finding a job in the marine mechanics field isn’t going to be easy in this economy), and my oldest son has laptop issues that require my expertise in hardware and software repairs. My husband is working, but with construction jobs few and far between business is slow. My attention is constantly┬ádemanded by all these males in my life. Continue reading

The Best Web Site For Writers

Oh my gosh. A good friend sent me this link this morning and I was floored by the content. It’s filled to the brim with inspiration, instruction, and valuable industry information.

I suggest savoring the articles and pages in Write Attitude else you might never find the time to apply the lessons contained therein to your own writing career.

Happy reading!