The Restoration of Mike Tyson’s Abandoned Mansion

Very cool, more recent pics of the abandoned Mike Tyson property. The place is about to be restored into a church! I’m looking forward to seeing the “after” pictures.

Architectural Afterlife


My journeys have taken me to some strange places, ranging from the creepiness of an abandoned lunatic asylum, to the quiet, vast emptiness of a forgotten chapel, but nothing quite like the abandoned home of a former professional boxer. After being arrested here in 2013 it was nice to make a return trip, thankfully not ending in a $280 fine, to finally photograph the very odd forgotten structure of Mike Tyson’s abandoned 1980s mansion.


Now retired, the once undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson, otherwise known as Iron Mike, still holds a record for being the youngest boxer to win the WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight titles at only 20 years old. Mike Tyson became a very opulent man, even if for just a moment before spending his money on multiple mansions, drugs and living a wild party-filled lifestyle, which eventually led to him filing bankruptcy in August…

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Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Homes

I love them all and so many more. There will definitely have to be a second homes series. If anyone has any information on any of these, please share!

This most likely used to be a hotel. The image was taken upstate New York, around Hunter Mountain.

What an awesome building! This most likely used to be a hotel. The image was taken upstate New York, around Hunter Mountain. This photo has been posted on so many different sites, it was hard to tell who the original photographer was. My best guess is ckdhtc on High Aperture – only because I enlarged the photo to such a degree that I could see this on the bottom corner.  The house next to it looks to be in the same sad state of neglect. I’d love to explore both places. There are horses in the left mid image. Someone must care for them which makes me wonder if at least part of the house is occupied. A wonderful commenter took the time to find the missing answers. This is the old, abandoned Cold Springs Hotel in Tannersville, New York.

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Sadly, Utterly Abandoned Mansions

I’ve got this thing for abandoned abodes. It’s so sad to see what once was a magnificent home now forlorn and decaying. I imagine the joys and sorrows the occupants experienced within the walls. Cheery fires in the fireplaces, nourishing meals cooked in the kitchens, books read by the light of newly glazed windows. How many toddler feet stomped up and down the halls? Christmases, Thanksgivings, and Easters shared with family and friends in the dining rooms, and games played in the parlors. What happened to the people? Continue reading